November 17, 2006

Leaving Pasadena for Nirvana

Exasperated with Hollywood's "exaggerated ballyhoo" and Glendale's "relative boredom," the food critic for Pasadena Weekly falls under a Zen spell in Atwater Village.
I had not yet reached nirvana, but when I arrived at Atwater Village for lunch in the reputedly 'Zen-inspired setting' of Asia Los Feliz restaurant, I felt that something good was coming to pass...

(In my early review, it never did.)

And in what becomes a mini-profile of AV's trendiest block - till Starbucks and H&R Block open on Glendale Blvd., that is - Dan O'Heron ventures beyond Asia's valet:
I decided to see if Zen vibes escaped the restaurant. Next door, at the pastoral Rancho Los Feliz apartments, a woman told me she didn't mind high rents but objected to the $400 deposit she had to pay for her cat.

Yeah, same reason we didn't want to live there.


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