November 7, 2006

Surreal Things About Voting in California

1. Schwarzenegger. On a ballot. Don't tell me everyone's used to that already.

2. Third-party candidates. For nearly every race. As a closet card-carrying third-party member, voting straight down the line has never been easier.

3. The 10-second wait. From the barrage of media, you'd think there'd at least be a line at lunchtime.

4. It's 95 degrees. In November. Voting or not, that's surreal.

5. Ink dots. The whole time I think I'm punching holes in the ballot card. Nope.

UPDATE: Mrs. Newbie was so elated by seeing a sci-fi character on her ballot that she took a photo from her cell phone.


mrs.newbie said...

Mrs. Newbie here...the ink dots are weird. I was a little apprehensive that I would screw up and vote for someone I really didn't want. I've been voting for over ten years, but where we are from we had computer polling machines.

I felt like an At-Voter Newbie!

Miles said...

What I love most of all about voting in Atwater Village is the 9x11 signs on the all of the Atwater Elementary School Cafeteria/Multipurpose room that shout that they speak Spanish, Philipino (not even sure if i got that right), Chinese, Japanese and more. Oh, it makes me proud of our little community and of our country. Yeah, I said it. Proud. And, thank God, the democrats have won at least the House.