October 11, 2009

Homeless Getting Comfortable at Hyperion Bridge

YOU NOTICE IT when you're driving south along Glendale Blvd., just before crossing under the Hyperion Bridge toward Silver Lake. It's a homely little camp, blankets, shopping cart, all the amenities of street life spread out at the base of the pedestrian staircase. At least one or 2 homeless men have occupied this shady slice of Atwater Village, adjacent to a north I-5 on-ramp, for the last couple of weeks.

Two years ago this spot had become a trash heap. The city eventually came along and bagged it. Back then, no one lived there. So now, what will the city do? And how long will they wait to do it?

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Robert said...

Comfortable? What's comfortable about street life? Do you know how it feels like to live on the streets? and where are they supposed to go? There's not nearly enough adequate affordable housing or shelters to house all the homeless.