October 17, 2009

September Burglaries Continue in October

THE DAYTIME residential burglaries in Atwater Village, first reported in September, seem to be continuing. A reader writes:
"The house across the street from us on Valleybrink Road was burglarized last week! It was a weekday; not sure which one. During the day while the husband and wife were at work. The burglar(s) broke in thru a side window. They stole a huge flat screen TV, the wife’s jewelry, etc. The couple have a lab dog that stays in the backyard. Please alert your neighbors!"
Neighbors, you are on alert. Check windows and doors. Watch for interlopers. Report emergencies to 911, other police matters to 1-877-ASK-LAPD.


AVN said...

This one has yet to hit the Atwater Village crime map.

Emily Sinclair & Steve Joachim said...

Any idea where on Valleybrink? What was the cross-street?

Genevieve said...

This happened at my girlfriends place. They went in through an open window by removing the screen. Nothing was stolen but everything had been rummaged through. The door was left wide open too. Her apt. is on the 3300 block of Atwater ave.

Skrip said...

oh no, well at least I'm unemployed and get to stay home to watch my house and my neighbors here at the end of L.A. county. My city can be a bad one.

Atwater has a great community of people... you guys get together and look out for one another... install cameras, do what you can. L.A. would suck if it didn't have the unique little town of Atwater Village anymore!

vivian flynn said...

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