October 11, 2009

LA Tap Water: Suddenly Too Much Chlorine?

AT LEAST I know I'm not alone in this. A few Angelenos lately feel like Los Angeles tap water has been a bit over-chlorinated. From the Twitters:
As research at San Diego State Univeristy points out, "If you can smell the chlorine ... it is dangerously high." Their research was about pools, but what does the smell mean for the water we bathe in and drink, just last year judged tastiest in the world?


philpalm said...

Just in case you happen to smell it too much, it might be a kidney problem:

AVN said...

Wow, thanks. Luckily it's just when I turn on the water.

tonyschmo said...

I actually have been smelling this too.. and I had it investigated a few years ago at the hotel I worked for. The guy that came out and tested the water told me that it's not actually chlorine you are smelling but a byproduct of the chloring destroying algea blooms. When we have large swings in tempuratures which we certainly have lately, we get algea blooms in the water and the chlorine that is always in the water starts working extra hard to get rid of it... and the byproduct it more smell. At least that's how he put it.

Amy said...

Thanks! I've been smelling it in WeHo and Hwood, too. Really gross, even after it goes through the Brita. I miss my old Jamaica Plain MA water which went through some kind of magic, non-smelly oxygen-based disinfecting process so it never smelled like this.