October 13, 2009

Cops Blocking, Circling: Armed Suspects on Run?

YOU MAY BE noticing quite a ruckus during this evening's rush hour in Atwater Village. News, as it comes in, from the Twitters:
  • 6:13pm from AtwaterVillage: "Something afoot (and in air) on Revere Ave south of Los Feliz Blvd [Google Maps] ... cops blocking street & circling above"
  • 6:31pm from Fixer: "I live on Revere south of Los Feliz Blvd, I hope my dog doesn't eat anyone while I am not there."
  • 6:33pm from DougMcInnes: "Policed cordoned off a block of Brunswick, we talked to an officer and apparently there's a suspect running around possibly with a gun."
  • 6:50pm from Wambat: "My wife went out to the store and the cops cordoned off Los Feliz and Brunswick. She can't get back home."
  • 7:03pm from AtwaterVillage: "Cop copters still circling"
  • 7:16pm from Fixer: "LAPD NE has confirmed, the perimeter is set up and they are searching for 2 armed and dangerous suspects"
Also tracking it on the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council forum, where this report came at 9:02pm: "I called the precinct to see if they could tell me anything. They just said that there was an on-going investigation and to stay in my house. It went on for a long time ... so glad it's quiet again."


Rod said...

I just herd from my cousin who lives on Revere, that it was a stabbing incident near the Glenfeliz Elementary School, just an early rumor.

AVN said...

Hope not. The school seemed to have some kind of event going on at the same time. People walking around with cupcakes and stuff. Wouldn't LAPD have it locked down or surrounded?

Ben Pluimer said...

I live on Brunswick and Los Feliz. My roommate says cops aren't letting anyone come or go. Crazy.

xulitron said...

so whats the story? this all happened in the rain yesterday? we heard gunshots on the fletcher side but we thought it was filming.

citizenofworld said...

Does anyone know what actually happened that evening? I am new to the neighborhood, and I'm wondering if there was a serious crime that day, and if this is something that is common in Atwater.