October 9, 2009

The Mystery School Bus in Front of Party City

A READER wants to know: "While it may not be doing anything wrong, maybe other people aren't noticing, but I have to know: What is the deal with that school bus on Los Feliz in front of Party City?! It has been there for weeks, day and night. It leaves every few days, but after a few hours, it's BACK. Is it serving a specific Atwater Village community service? Has the city run out of school bus parking and thought, 'Hey! In front of that Party City looks pretty empty.' Maybe it's not bothering anyone but me, but that doesn't make the curiosity any less intense."


katiesmurphy said...

I live near there and notice it too. Doesn't look like it is in service, although hard to tell. Being used as a camper, maybe?

K-Sean said...

ive seen it every time i go to the griffin. ive always wondered why a school bus was randomly parked there.