October 21, 2009

LAFD Knocks Down Atwater Village House Fire

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THE HOUSE FIRE was labeled "stubborn" and "heavy" at first, but 50 firefighters took just 24 minutes this afternoon to extinguish it at 3507 W. Perlita Avenue in Atwater Village. From LAFD's Twitter feed:
  • Update #1: Structure fire through roof of 2-story home
  • Update #2: 50 Firefighters battling stubborn fire with heavy attic involvement
  • Update #3: Knockdown; 50 firefighters took just 24 minutes; No injury; Confined to 2nd floor and attic
MORE: In a later report from the LAFD, we learn one firefighter was injured with first- and second-degree burns. He was treated and released to remain off-duty. The cause of the fire "remains under active investigation."


Miles said...

My street, but not my block. I didn't hear anything. What time did it happen? Odd. Glad no one was hurt.

Miles said...

Oh, wait, I remember seeing a crew boarding a house up after dark. Ay yi yi. Thought it was movie-related or something.

Miles said...

Major police activity tonight from 10:30 - 11 on Perlita...


echoduck said...

That house was used for many films, one of which was "Amos," starring Kirk Douglas.

It wasn't just a house -- it was, and will be, the hub for a wonderful extended family to gather during birthdays, holidays and to simply hang out with each other. It'll be rebuilt by summer of next year.