September 8, 2009

NBC's 'Southland' Comes to Atwater Village Sept. 11

ALTHOUGH IT sometimes feels like we're already living inside a police drama, this marks the first time NBC's "Southland" will shoot scenes in Atwater Village. This Friday, Sept. 11, keep eyes peeled for hunky cops, moody perps and parking restrictions on the south side of Fletcher Drive, the east side of Casitas Avenue, both sides of Kerr Street, and the south side of Carillon Street. Highway 2 and the Los Angeles River will also have their fair share of:
  • atmospheric smoke effects
  • "weapons" brandished
  • emergency vehicles with flashing lights
  • actors with exterior dialogue
The second season of "Southland" debuts Oct. 23 on NBC, but the Atwater Village scenes are likely part of a later episode. Stay tuned for airdates. In the meantime, see a map of other "Southland" crime scenes.


Miles said...

One of the first episodes shot in Astro Family Restaurant. While not Atwater, you can't get much more Atwater-adjacent.

By the way, have you noticed that the streetlights are not lighting up in a timely fashion (if at all) on the Hyperion Bridge? I've left a message with Eric Garcetti, but also encourage others to do so as well. Not safe.

AVN said...

True, it was great to see Astro's on the show.

Keep an eye on those bridge lamps! It's getting darker earlier and it seems like they should adjust!