September 1, 2009

Ash Tuesday in Atwater Village

Contained SunriseFOR THE FIRST time in this 6-day-old Station Fire, I noticed ash this morning on vehicles in Atwater Village. We're about 10 miles from the nearest flames. Of course it's not the visible stuff that gets you, they say, it's the finer particulates in the air that cause the greatest health risk. And AQMD's air quality forecast map calls for "unhealthy" air today, with an air quality index value of 159. I think this'll take more than one Shamwow.


Skrip said...

same here.. I'm in Pomona and I just noticed ashes on my cars and plants this morning. I thought the Azusa fire was dead and now became the 'station fire'. To make things worse, they've started 2 fires about 40 miles east of here (Yucaipa/SB).

This fire/arson stuff really angers me, at the cost of our environment. For what? attention? huge paychecks?

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