September 26, 2009

Scrubbed Wednesday, Tagged Again Saturday

ON SEPT. 16, I used the new City of LA graffiti website to report layers of colorful spray paint on the Glendale Blvd. bridge in Atwater Village.

On Sept. 23, I got an email saying the graffiti was removed.

On Sept. 26, I walked up the LA River to check it out. Indeed, the old graffiti was painted over, bright white on beige concrete. But now outlined in black was a giant TRS. That's The Rascals (or Thee Rascals) for those of you following your gang turf wars at home.


LA MapNerd said...

I hope you reported it again. The one thing that stops taggers, IME, is when their tags are consistently and immediately eradicated.

Not only do they find it discouraging when a tag only lasts a day or two, it also suggests the place is being closely watched, and they're more likely to get busted there.

Luke MD said...
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