May 19, 2008

Too Warm to Sleep with the Windows Closed

BUT TOO NOISY to sleep with them open. What was going on at 4:00 this morning? A ghetto bird circled the neighborhood about 30 times. It looked like the helicopter spotlight was shining near the Glendale-Hyperion bridge.


Miles said...

All's I know is that we had AC/central heat put in 9 years ago by Econo Air (NEVER EVER EVER TRUST ECONO AIR - THEY ARE THE HACKS OF THE WESTERN WORLD) and now it has finally given up. Two weeks ago during the last heat wave, it blew smoke through the house. We though, huh, that doesn't seem right. And, now, more reputable AC/Heating people say replace the whole unit for $8k-11k.

So, yeah, we're sleeping with every window open. Not only do we hear the helicopters but we hear the party lesbians who like to open their kitchen window opposite our bedroom at 2am to drink and loudly discuss carbs.

Oh, wait, this isn't my blog. Sorry.

That said, does anyone know of a reputable AC/Heating company?

(PS Don't trust econo air.)

AVN said...

The AVNC forum theorizes that the police helicopter was follow-up to the "car to car shooting on Dover St. at Brunswick Ave."