May 16, 2008

The Mayberry of Los Angeles?

ON HIS TWO-MILE bicycle commute between the Metrolink train station in Glendale and John Marshall High School in Los Feliz, this teacher sees a classic sitcom in the storefronts of Atwater Village:
Each workday, I disembark from the Metrolink train in Glendale wearing a yellow visibility vest and carrying my Trek road bike. Soon, I'm pedaling south through downtown Atwater Village. The little stretch of businesses there could be Andy Griffith's town -- if Mayberry boasted a yoga studio, a giant store selling birds and an ATM offering transactions in Hmong.

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meekorouse said...

hmmm I always thought Downtown LA (historic core that is) was Mayberry. Small neighborhood feel, always running into the same nice people, and except for maybe Art Walk nights, one can usually find a seat at the neighborhood eating/drinking spots. =)