May 17, 2008

And, Isn't the LA River Depressing Enough As Is?

SOME QUESTIONS FOR those responsible for this week's island clear-cutting in the LA River, right here in Atwater Village, arguably the greenest, friendliest portion of what is primarily a concrete storm drain.
  • How will LA River clear-cutting affect wildlife and wildlife migration?
  • How will clear-cutting impact the ecosystem with neighboring Griffith Park?
  • What will it do to the local microclimate? Will Atwater Village feel hotter when there's nothing to filter sunlight reflection off the concrete and water?
  • Why couldn't the same resources be spent on just cleaning up the trash?
  • Will the river dwellers need more sunscreen?
Neighbors are talking about it on the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council forum.


Will Campbell... said...

Definitely a topic worthy of discussion and input.

When I was last on that stretch of river a couple weeks ago, I noticed much of one of the "islands" had been whacked down but I thought it was some long overdue cutting of the invasive and towering arundo reeds that have been allowed to take over huge sections of the waterway.

I had no idea they were taking out everything.

andrew said...

this is just another clear indication that people who love the subtle things about los angeles, (like the fact that the glendale narrows has a natural bottom and is the only part of the LA River that actually still looks like a river) must be completely out-of-touch to even bother to love something like the islands that have formed there.

the glendale narrows and the trees that grew out of the river bed made this area special, and a place to be celebrated. i guess now we're all just like the rest of the city. who cares? why bother? so much for the $2.3 million the dwp spent on the LA River revitalization master plan. what a waste.

i can see that if there had been catastrophic flooding along that stretch that maybe such a severe action as removing all of the wildlife habitats might be justifiable, but this is AN OUTRAGE!

oh to be blissfully ignorant, mean-spirited, cold-hearted and fascistic, like the people who have made this decision? how is it that those of us that notice and care about such things can be so different? i just don't get it. at least they're busy here instead of bombing innocent civilians overseas.