May 5, 2008

New Paint, New Chef: Asia Los Feliz is Now Asia Bistro

OF THE FEW upscale eateries in Atwater Village, the 2-year-old Asia Los Feliz (3179 Los Feliz Blvd.) was one that seemed to get better with age. At first we gave it a mixed review. But we've been back a few times, even with tourists, and each time Asia impresses.

Now Asia Los Feliz is Asia Bistro. The exterior seems new - less brown, more butter - and it has a new executive chef, Joseph Chouinard, who promises a new small plate menu worthy of sharing. Anyone try it yet? What's the review?


Emily said...

This completely sucks. I adored Asia the way it was and to hear that they've totally gotten rid of their delicious SUSHI is absolutely heart-breaking! Their new menu is interesting sounding, but how can I possibly go in the Asia doors and not get my favorite Samarai Roll?! BAHHH!

Miles said...

the place was nice, but when we went on a weekday evening a few months ago, it was completely empty...and the prices, for the neighborhood, were on the very high side. given the economy, i hope they consider reducing costs a bit. (i think i've given up on capitalization for some reason. feels good.)

jason said...

Went to try the new menu last night... terrible. We thought the original Asia was great as it was, just too expensive for Atwater. This new menu, although it appears to be less expensive, is really more expensive. 2 small vegetable lumpia for $8. Really? they were ok, but not even close to being worth the money. the other dish's we tried were also too expensive and boring. I give this restaurant till the end of summer. bye bye