May 16, 2008

It's Back: Atwater Village Homemade Cookie Contest

MRS. NEWBIE MUST respectfully decline to re-enter her 2007 double award-winning pink lady cookies in this year's homemade cookie contest. Partially out of fairness to the other competitors. But mostly because the rules say, "Prior winning recipes will not be accepted." Too bad for me.
Atwater Village Homemade Cookie Contest
and Atwater Village Street Festival

Sunday, June 8, 3100 Block of Glendale Blvd.

To Enter: Bring your entry with the recipe no later than 11:30am to the Street Festival. Bring 12 cookies on a disposable container. Only homemade cookies made from scratch are eligible. (Not acceptable: cookies from mixes or prepared dough.) The recipe for your cookies is required. All types of baked cookies are eligible (bar, brownie, drop, molded, rolled, cut out, or refrigerator).

Prizes: Awarded at 1:30pm

Categories: Best Classic, Best Taste, Best Decorated, Best Youth Entry (age 13 and under)
Not to overly intimidate, but last year the pink lady cookie won Best Tasting and Best Decorated. Get baking!


Scott said...

How might one be invited to judge such a contest? Maybe I should start a rival competition...

AVN said...

Around here, we think previous winners (and their official tasters) would make ideal contest judges.

Miles said...

Man, that looks like a damn fine cookie.