April 17, 2007

LA's East Side Gets a Glossy

WHO SAYS PRINT IS DEAD? Welcome to the year of glossy magazine launches in Los Angeles.

First up: Real Talk LA. The self-described "gutsy, smart, sophisticated, sharp mag" is coming in May to give LA's "neglected" majority - "upscale apsirational multiculturals" - something else to read in the bathroom.

Then: New Angeles Magazine. The first 30,000 print editions of this magazine, commissioned to "celebrate the intellectual and cultural renaissance of LA's Eastside," hits streets (well, mailboxes, mostly) in late May.

Of course one cannot mention "LA's Eastside" - never mind printing 30,000 magazines about it - without saying where one thinks this mythical "Eastside" might be. The mag's media kit offers a handy ZIP code map and a list of where 17,500 copies will be mailed to "influential households directly affected by the cultural renaissance" (with an average income of at least $100,000):
  • Hancock Park (90004 & 90020)
  • Hollywood Hills (90068)
  • Los Feliz (90027)
  • Koreatown (90005)
  • Wilshire Blvd. Corridor (90010 & 90036)
  • Atwater Village (90039)
  • Echo Park (90026)
  • Silver Lake (90026)
New Angeles Magazine will distribute remaining copies to "influential Downtown residents" (90012, 90015, 90017 & 90021) in condos and lofts, plus select retailers and venues.


Sherrie said...

Oooooh, the EAST-EASTside (Highland Park, Glassel Park, Eagle Rock) is gonna break off and make our own civic-minded demographic area too since we got cut out of this one.

Nikki said...

Hey Sherrie! Well, we are starting small but definitely hope to expand to the "East-East." We actually won't be all gloss yet either, but hope that's in our future too!

-Nikki from New Angeles