April 20, 2007

What the Carp Is Going On in the LA River

AS MENTIONED HERE ABOUT 16 days ago, there's something fishy going on in the Atwater Village stretch of the Los Angeles River. The fish in question: carp. From the LA Times:
"Then came the events of three weeks ago when hundreds of carp in the Glendale Narrows were seen thrashing about in the river - apparently they were spawning...

"Carmelo Gaeta, an Atwater Village native who recently moved back to town and has become thoroughly obsessed with carp fishing in the Los Angeles River: 'There are some monsters in there...'

"Do the carp glow, have three eyes or look like extras from 'Jurassic Park'?

"No, said Gaeta, though he added that he tries not to touch them when releasing them. He also had a bottle of hand sanitizer in his backpack."
Not everyone is as fastidiously giddy about new life in the old channel. From Valley News:
"Although the carp have not yet been identified as to type, carp generally have a reputation as an invasive species to established ecosystems - invading and quickly dominating new ecosystems often with serious negative effects... FoLAR has said they will be conducting a study this summer..."
Despite living yards from the river, I have yet to witness the invasion. Next best thing: this page of photos with closeups of fish and anglers alike.

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