April 4, 2007

Spawning in the LA River

Fletcher Drive Bridge
AS REPORTED BY THE FOUNDER of the late/not-late Arthur Magazine, Jay Babcock, via LA Observed:
Subject: Large carp are mating/spawning now in the Atwater area

A friend first saw them Friday, March 30 around 11 am, in the hundreds, flopping in groups, splashing and mating in the shallows of the River about a hundred yards south of the Hyperion bridge. He called me, I called Lewis MacAdams from FoLAR, and we all went down there to see what Lewis said was the first-ever reported sighting of this activity in the LARiver. Absolutely amazing sights. They were going at it again Saturday and again today.
Not that I'd know how to find spawning carp, but this might be a good subject for the next photo safari. Has anyone else spotted them?

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Will Campbell... said...

This is awesome! I hope the fish are still there this weekend. That's the earliest I'll be able to come check it out.