April 26, 2007

Fear of God

Fear of God
HERE'S A PICTURE OF that odd dome, the one with parking for thousands, behind Costco in Atwater Village.

It houses the heavily protected New Hope Chapel, where this security guard demanded, "Who are you taking pictures for?"

What, you mean this picture and this picture?

"Myself," I replied. "Am I free to go?"

Photography is the new terrorism.


katiesmurphy said...

word is they plan on building a permanent structure and this is the temporary one. I've also heard they own all the land that the Costco development is on, but I'm not sure if that's true. They've been very generous letting all sorts of community groups use their meeting spaces, although in my opinion it is hard to find/reach for many.

AVN said...

Has the dome always been New Hope Chapel? Or was it something else before?

I hope the church doesn't try to build a school or day care in next to all that waste and sludge.

MJS said...

Was this image taken after April 16th? Post the Virginia Tech mass killings perhaps the folks at this Korean Church may be a bit, well, cautious...?


Note: a number of Korean Christians used to put on green aprons and chant and march on Brand Blvd. near Borders in Glendale. One Korean woman ran up to my wife and me and pleaded with us to "not burn in Hell." She seemed overwrought, and very sincere. Like me after a Twilight Zone marathon.


AVN said...

Indeed this was post-Virginia Tech. Understandably skittish, but asking who I'm shooting for (no pun intended) sounded more like a corporate PR ploy than a plausible security tactic.

GreenGoddess65 said...

"I hope the church doesn't try to build a school or day care in next to all that waste and sludge."

Uh, the Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts plans to do just that. Maybe it's clean now?