April 19, 2007

How to Play the 'Planet Earth' Drinking Game

RESPECT MOTHER NATURE and get a good buzz at the same time. Watch episodes of the Discovery Channel's miniseries Planet Earth with your favorite libation. Here's how Mrs. Newbie and I play the drinking game:
  • Sex! Any time narrator Sigourney Weaver coyly describes an animalistic mating ritual, take a drink.
  • Death! A fox scoops up a hatchling for breakfast? A polar bear flops over from starvation? Take a drink.
  • History! Every time the show purports to show anything "for the very first time" - baby pandas in the wild, snow leopards on the hunt - take a drink.
  • Technology! When Weaver boasts that only a recent innovation could provide the awesome pictures and sounds on your TV, take a drink.
  • Time Lapse! Anything sped up to Koyaanisqatsi-like exposures - flower fields suddenly blooming, buffalo herds racing across the plains - enjoy a quick shot.
This game not recommended for Discovery Channel's three-hour marathon viewings. Please watch responsibly.


flim-flam said...

it was so much fun and i was SO drunk.

matt said...

I can't believe this game exists... I thought for sure I wouldn't get any pages when I searched google.

Elizabeth said...

Many of the biology students of a certain liberal arts in Portland, OR, will be engaging in this drinking game Friday. Please wish us luck.

Thank you.

AVN said...

So. How did it go Friday night at a certain liberal arts college in Portland, OR?