April 12, 2007

Atwater Chatter - Getting Things Done Edition

EVENTS AND DOINGS in and around this northwest corner of Northeast Los Angeles. (If that makes sense geographically.)

Artwater Music & Art Festival - Saturday April 21, 2:00 to 10:00pm along Glendale and Los Feliz, with shuttles between. Concert, retail offers, restaurant tastings included in $20 admission after 6:00pm. (Hmm, Sunset Junction fair was only $15.) Download snazzy flier here. Check photo exhibit submissions here. Mine here.

Crime Watch 1 - No rapes, robberies and homicides reported in Atwater Village in March 2007. Stats here.

Crime Watch 2 - On the other hand, not all neighborhood regulars avoided trouble as the Black Eyed Peas' most famous member is accused of being too drunk to fly from LAX, and the band's least famous member is stopped for being too wasted to drive in LA County.

The Midwest Strikes Back - Lawrence, Kansas, 2-bed 1-bath: $133/sq ft. Atwater Village 2-bed 1-bath: $661/sq ft. Full comparison here.

New Entry in Blog-LA-Sphere - East of the 5

New Newbie in Atwater Village - Ronckytonk

Rent Check - $700, $1,350, $1,795, $2,200, $2,950

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