April 11, 2007

East Coast Finds LA's East Side

Los Feliz Surfacing
THE NEW YORK TIMES continues to discover the Los Angeles we live in east of Hollywood.

Last month the paper profiled our fellow neighborhoods in Northeast Los Angeles, or NELA. New Yorkers, it seems, are learning that some California homes are priced under $600,000 and have views of Mount Washington - "which could be mistaken for Tuscany."

This Sunday our neighbors in Los Feliz Village, "below the sylvan hills" of Griffith Park Observatory, are fit to print with an overview of their pedestrian friendliness. The lesson here? New Yorkers aren't the only ones who walk a block for calamata olives!

Just in the nick of time, too, as more Los Feliz residents look to further restrict neighborhood parking.


Will Campbell... said...

Man I'm always wary of puffy little compartmentalizing articles like this. Not only are they usually waaaay late to the party, but in this internut age someone 2,000 miles away can find out firsthand and directly from locals about a neighborhood or enclave or its eateries (or whether or not the hills are really sylvan) with a few minutes and several clicks.

AVN said...

Me <--- Internut who found out firsthand and from locals about my new neighborhood. Luckily I wasn't waiting for the Atwater Village puff piece in the New York Times. - AVN

Scott said...

Los Feliz Village IS really cool. That's why I moved there...in 1992. That was back before Fred 62 was even there...when it was a real '50s diner instead of a fake 50's diner.

Sorry you guys from New York are 15 years late to the party.

(I moved out in '95.)

badMike said...

I feel as though my entire existence has just now been thoughtfully approved. Thank you New York Times!

Plus, yes, everything is walkable -- but nobody still does!

And the library at Hillhurst/Franklin kicks ass!!!