March 16, 2010

Tweets Are Alive with News of Earthquake

  • atwatervillage: USGS has a 4.4 at 4:04am near Pico Rivera:
  • SquashBlossom: Woke me up in NoHo but seemed quick & rattly.
  • seanbonner: On the 3rd floor, didn't feel anything but heard the glass of the shower door rattling!
  • lesleyLA: Earthquake. Decent shaker. Thanks insomnia
  • SquashBlossom: Looking forward to day full of news reports showing loops of footage of shampoo bottles on floor of drugstore in Whittier.
  • danceralamode: I'm telling you all this DST business upsets mother earth. She just didn't want to wake up an hour early to bring up the sun.
  • leeleepitts: Well, that was scary. Gave me a contraction!
  • HLP90042: Quake was on the Puente Hills Fault. Same one as Whittier Narrows in 1987. (that one knocked down 1/2 the chimneys in 90042.)
  • wildbell: A tsunami alert has been issued for portions of Silver Lake reservoir
So far, 22 responses on the USGS shake report from here in the 90039, with a "mild" intensity of 3 out of 10.

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