March 26, 2010

Club Tee Gee: As Seen on Tee Vee

Club Tee Gee Makeover

ABOVE: The neon sign for Atwater Village's Club Tee Gee, 3210 Glendale Blvd.

BELOW: Club Tee Gee's facade with a new name, Latham's, for its appearance as a location on this week's episode of ABC TV's FlashForward. See it at the 2:20 mark on the "Blowback" episode.

(Pretty sure the interior is a different bar, though.)

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m said...

Club Tee Gee! I have live in the area almost two years and swore that G was a Y (or upside down H for Tee Hee?). Thanks for clearing that up :)