March 22, 2010

New Tower May Serve Neighborhood Dead Zones

CELL WARS: As AT&T threatens to hoist a new cell phone tower in Atwater Village (at Glendale Blvd. and Casitas Ave., where a city park has also been promised), this network signal map from CNET shows why some neighborhood iPhone users might like a new transmission "tree" nearby.

The Casitas tower location is adjacent to a pair of cell-phone dead zones in central Atwater Village. CNET says AT&T customers have "no bars" there. As in, they suffer from "failure to establish a data connection" and live in "areas likely to have hand off errors between phones and cell towers."

See, it's not just in your imagination. But if waiting for AT&T to improve things won't cut it, the CNET data shows Sprint leads the way in average signal strength in Atwater Village:

  • Sprint: 85% average signal strength
  • T Mobile: 75%
  • AT&T: 65%
  • Verizon 61%


Diznug said...

So it's not just me!

Maybe they actually listened to my Mark The Spot complaints

Jrzedevl said...

I'd like AT&T to fix the hard-line service in the neighborhood before they add more towers for cell service. I'm "stuck" using them for DSL and they're terrible!

Molly said...

Jrzedevl... I don't know if you've got some sort of commitments that require you to stay with AT&T for DSL... but, I just recently switched from AT&T to DSL Extreme. Couldn't be happier. Am an Atwater Village local.

Mike said...

I have T-Mobile for my Blackberry, and EVERY DAY my calls are dropped while driving over the Hyperion Bridge. EVERY day!