March 18, 2010

Baum Bridge is LA's 6th Busiest Bike Intersection

IN STUDIES conducted last September, LA Bike Count tracked bicyclists at 50 intersections around Los Angeles, including the Alex Baum Bicycle Bridge over Los Feliz Blvd., here in Atwater Village. The study lists Baum Bridge as the sixth busiest location in the study, just behind Sunset and Hyperion. (Complete PDF here.) Volunteers noted 369 cyclists over the course of 13 hours on Sept. 22, 23 and 26, 2009. The breakdown:
  • Weekday AM: 110 cyclists (12 female, 98 male; 79% helmet use)
  • Weekday PM: 164 cyclists (17 female, 147 male; 65% helmet use)
  • Midday Weekend: 95 cyclists (15 female, 80 male; 64% helmet use)
Also interesting: only 105 pedestrians crossed Baum Bridge in the same timeframes. More analysis at The Eastsider LA.

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