March 18, 2010

That Smell on Hollydale? City's Working On It

View Hollydale Sewer Project in a larger map

A READER POINTS to an "odor control" project by the City of LA's Bureau of Engineering (PDF here) designed to quell the smell in South Atwater Village. "This part of Atwater has been smelly," she writes, "kicks up when it's hot. We actually call this place Ass Water Village. It's baaaad. Got a word from our landlord after he bugged the city."

The Hollydale Drive Local Sewer Addition project started in August 2008 and is scheduled to be complete in June 2010. Construction cost: $1,071,180. More from the City:
This project will build approximately 3,100 feet of 8-inch diameter sewer in Hollydale Drive between Glendale Blvd and Silverlake Blvd, parallel to the existing 42-inch diameter North Outfall Sewer (NOS). Approximately 80 house connections along this alignment will be re-connected to the new 8-inch line. Existing 8” sewers adjacent to the new sewer will be retrofitted with trap maintenance holes or will be reconnected to the new sewer.

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xulitron said...

haha. i wanted to be a secret tipster. ssshh atwater village is still amazing. stinky or not!!