June 7, 2009

Speed Humps Coming to Valleybrink Road

Finally, Speed Humps
ONE OF THE longest stretches of unregulated residential asphalt in Atwater Village, with some 1,600 feet of acceleration space, is getting speed humps.

After 2 years of traffic studies and petitions, 4 speed humps will be installed on Valleybrink Road between Sunnynook Drive and the 5-way intersection at Dover Street.

Signs went up a few days ago. The humps (not the shorter bumps found in parking lots) could be installed any day.

The speed limit on this stretch has always been 25 m.p.h. But the gentle, long curve of Valleybrink seems to encourage speeds of 40 to 50 m.p.h., especially on sweeping days when half the curbs are empty.

So speed while you still can, child-hating scofflaws, before we start tearing your mufflers out from under you.


Mr. Malotte said...

We want them on EDENHURST north of Los Feliz! 50MPH seems to be the norm on a street where 2 cars can barely pass at slow speeds.

I'm waiting for a death in the meantime..

Catherine said...

and on Normandie south of Los Feliz...

Molly said...

Been waiting for this for over twenty years now. I can't tell you how many accidents I've seen there over the years. Animals getting hit too. It is dangerous - in particular on the blind corner. This is excellent news (though I'll miss no longer getting to purposefully drive slowly down the street to force the idiot who's trying to drive his car into my trunk to slow down)! Besides, I think the dogs enjoy traveling over the hump by the school on Glenfeliz... four more opportunities for free-fall fun in the back of mom's SUV! WOO HOO!

Marry Davis said...

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