June 24, 2009

What Members of Castledoor Ordered at Viet Noodle Bar

Viet Noodle Bar
MEMBERS OF ONE of my favorite Los Angeles rock bands, Castledoor, stopped by Viet Noodle Bar (3133 Glendale Blvd.) in Atwater Village recently. Here's what they had:
  • Nate - lead vocals: Fish noodles, Vietnamese iced coffee
  • Gabe - guitars, keys: Soup, Vietnamese iced coffee
  • Joel - drums: Soup, Vietnamese iced coffee
  • Brando - bass: No idea
  • Liska- keys, vocals: Tofu sandwich, side of yellow rice, Vietnamese iced coffee
  • Coury - vocals, synth: Fish noodles, Vietnamese iced coffee
Turns out Gabe and Joel were hungry later, but as Coury so diplomatically points out, "Well, all you ate for dinner was broth! I told you to get more!"


mattatouille said...

You know, the flavors at Viet Noodle Bar aren't bad, but those banh mi are just atrociously small. ATROCIOUSLY small.

Miles said...

but delicious.

sage said...

I love the Lemongrass chicken sandwich and the spring rolls

DanielCowman said...

sadly, i care.

K-Sean said...

viet noodle bar needs to get a better website or something. at least put up a sample of what they offer instead of just having a picture of chairs and the contact information. i like to know prices and menu items in advance before i order. i literally live across the street though so i shouldnt really be complaining.

MrDigs said...

simplest menu in the world. easy to love that freshness. love the place and there's no corkage fee.