June 25, 2009

Palooka Pipes Didn't Get the Memo

IT PROBABLY seemed like a good idea at the time. But now that LA City Council has initiated the closure of 5 medical marijuana facilities here in Atwater Village, North Hollywood's Palooka Pipes may soon regret opening its second location at 3409 Glendale Blvd.

A reader reports: "Down in 'dispensary row' on Glendale across from the Post Office someone just opened a pot accessories store called Palooka Pipes. In the store's sign the 'i' is the outline of a bong."

Better late than clever?


jon said...

Thank you for exposing these evil pipe peddlers! How dare they open a business selling items which could be used in ways we don't approve.

K-Sean said...

i hope they stay open. i may be in the need of some shisha someday in the future and i wont have to drive to glendale to get some. although ive only smoked hookah one time in the past 2 years or so. its nice to know that its there if i ever need to buy anything. haha.

vlup said...

What is the deal????? The dispensaries are providing a LEGAL substance - five on the same block seems weird -- but you got to give them credit for bringing business to Atwater - that was the point of cleaning up Glendale Blvd - wasn't it?

Regarding Palooka Pipes: Here's an easy solution for the narrow minded among us.... If you don't like the merchandise they sell--don't shop there, I'm glad Palooka Pipes has returned to Atwater. We need nice, friendly shop owners in our neighborhood.

RampantOctopus said...

I know this is kind of a tangent, but as a resident of Atwater Village, I just wish that the LA City Council would get off their bums and write the well overdue law concerning Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. The City Council is doing us no favors by holding these, to quote the LA Times, "Kangaroo Court" hearings over the hardship applications allowing only two minutes of discussion per app-- many of which are actually justifiable. I don't want five dispensaries in our neighborhood, but if there were only one, away from the library, and handled with real medical credibility, I think that would be fine.

Come on City Council get it together!