December 11, 2008

LA Times Goes Digging Into Atwater Village Politics

BACK IN OCTOBER the Los Feliz Ledger picked up this story of intra-neighborhood politics surrounding the 17th annual Atwater Village tree lighting, and tomorrow's LA Times runs a marathon with it:
Peace and love cause a big stir in Atwater Village: "'Newbies' and old guard alike agree the tree-lighting was beautiful, but the arguments that took place behind the scenes - over war stances, gay rights and eco-friendly lights - were far from pretty." [LA Times, Dec. 12, 2008]
Hey, an Atwater Village story that talks about "newbies" and doesn't mention me? The nerve.

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Leonora Gershman said...

Da noiv....

Lots to say on this, but as a council we are hoping to move on.