December 6, 2008

More Reviews of 17th Annual Tree Lighting

HERE'S WHAT OTHERS have to say about Thursday night's tree lighting:
  • In the 'Hood: "I remember the first year we moved here, the tree lighting ceremony consisted of us and like 6 other people standing on the median, listening to 12 kids sing 'Feliz Navidad' while the single strand of lights on the tree was plugged in. This year ... no less than 1,400 of our neighbors packed into the Wells Fargo parking lot. It was an awesome sight. The tree is filled with gorgeous ornaments and LED lights. No menorah, but a girl can’t have everything!" [Momsville Today]
  • Massive Crowd in Atwater Village: "Of course, the event dragged on a little too long for my taste -- light the tree, dammit! But the crowd wasn't just there for the tree; they were also there to catch their children and neighbors from various schools perform. And, perhaps, to feel the Eric Garcetti love." [Franklin Avenue]
  • Let There Be Light: "This is a diverse neighborhood...people "in the business", white collar, blue collar, hispanic, black, white, gay, straight, gangs, etc....all in all it was a nice little event." [Citifarmer]
  • Thank You: "Last night's 17th Annual Atwater Village Tree Lighting was the biggest Lighting in our Village's history with an estimated 1,400 people in attendance." [AV News]

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