December 8, 2008

Newbie Endorsement: Crispy Crust Pizza

UNLIKE THESE FELLOWS in SaxEno's video, we don't get that excited about the mathematical possibilities of different pizza sizes. ("The area of the circle is not being expressed!")

But very much like these fellows, we do enjoy ordering dinner from Crispy Crust Pizza (3111 Glendale Blvd.) in Atwater Village.

We live close enough to pick up our extra-thin-crust chili con carne pizza and overflowing antipasto salads, and cheesecake and tiramisu slices (with an excuse to pick up a bottle next door at 55 Degree Wine).

But if you don't live in the 'hood, Crispy Crust delivers for no extra charge. Tell 'em the Newbie sent ya.


Aaron said...

As east-coast transplants, my wife and I are very picky about pizza. Until recently, only my own homemade pie and Casa Bianca would pass muster. But we ordered from Crispy Crust on a lazy evening and were very pleasantly surprised! I second this endorsement and am really looking forward to trying the breakfast pizza (hold the bacon).

AVN said...

Yes, Casa Bianca always passes muster. But I'll also recommend that Crispy Crust breakfast pizza. Try it for Sunday brunch!

Mark said...

crispy crust is great. They remember you when you call, and the delivery guy usually remembers me when he pops in. The prices are good and the quality is definitely up there.

Tomato Pie in silverlake also delivers to Atwater and makes an amazing buffalo chicken pizza.

AVN said...

Good point, Mark! They remember our names, I guess from caller ID, and can tell us what we last ordered. Really their customer service is much better than your typical mom-and-pop pizza joint.

Miles said...

Nicky D's on Rowena ain't bad either, and it feels like a eastcoast pizza/sub shop. And they sell beer and wine.

Emily said...

I used to LOOOOOVE Hard Times Pizza but ever since Crispy Crust came to down, I am a total sucker for their Sweet and Spicy (jalapeno, pepperoni and pineapple) pizza. OH if only my body could stand the swelling of all that gluten! it's worth it!