December 14, 2008

Send in the Christmas Cows!

Christmas Cows
LAST NIGHT'S performance of Charles Phoenix' Moonlight Rollerway Holiday Jubilee may have been the best 3 hours of Christmas-related fun we could have without standing directly under mistletoe.

Get tickets to today's 3:00 p.m. matinee, even though it's standing-room only ($20 at the box office, 5110 San Fernando Road). You'll get to see the shockingly retro Americana slide show, and a holiday extravaganza that includes Christmas cows and, for reasons you have to see to believe, a bottle of tequila on roller skates.


Miles said...

udderly ridiculous.

Scott said...

Thanks for the recommend! I went today. SO. AWESOME. I'll be putting up some youtube videos from it on the blog soon.