December 5, 2008

Welcome New Readers! (And Thanks, Catherine Dent!)

WE MISSED ONE of the Big Moments at the tree lighting last night. Apparently the talented actress and neighborhood resident Catherine Dent, mistress of ceremonies, gave a celebrity endorsement from the stage to yours truly, the Atwater Village Newbie. She even implored 1,000+ holiday revelers to visit this blog. So if you mindlessly obey commands from talented actresses, welcome! And read on:


Luis Lopez said...

Yes, Mr. Newbie, you really got a lot of fans in Atwater Village.

Beth said...

Not even Catherine Dent can get the Newbie to reveal himself!

Catherine Dent said...

You can view the video we made on
now under
Atwater Village Neighborhood
The resolution is poor...we're working on that
in the meantime,ENJOY!!!
(and maybe alert your friends and post!)
thanks for being such a great community to live in!
Catherine Dent