October 7, 2008

'Politics Happen, Even in a Small Place Like Atwater'

THIS WELL-RESEARCHED ARTICLE in The Los Feliz Ledger captures the drama of the last couple of years of our Atwater Village Neighborhood Council Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce. Turns out it started with a Christmas tree lighting. Go figure. Find out how the new guard ousted the old guard:
(Note: Annoying PDF format means you have to find the article at the bottom of page 1 and continue it on page 18 of the PDF.)


Leonora Gershman said...

Actually, it's about the new Chamber of Commerce, not the AVNC (although, throughout the years, I'm sure AVNC politics could certainly fills volumes!).

AVN said...

AVNC, AVCC, it's all very confusing! I fixed my post. Thanks, Leonora.