July 11, 2008

Under New Management: Asia Bistro is Now Kuma Sushi

IT SEEMS THE experiment failed. Just 2 months ago, the 2-year-old Asia Los Feliz changed its name to Asia Bistro and stripped sushi from the menu. Now it seems sushi's back, under a new name, Kuma Sushi, and, according to the sign above 3179 Los Feliz Blvd., under new management.

They also cut down the brown fencing around the front patio. Hey, whatever will work.


Michael said...

Great news. Asia Sucked. $5.00 lunch "valet" parking. Good luck Kuma Sushi.

Emily said...

I think "sucked" is a little strong of a word for Asia Los Feliz. The fish was always fresh and delicious, the rolls were inspired and beautifully prepared, it really boiled down to the prices being out of control expensive. Yes, the $5 valet is retarded. We generally walk or ride our bikes there. Cant' wait to try Kuma tonight.

Do you think this Kuma has any relation to the one in Montrose?

maxmad said...

Kuma Sushi is well decorated, so praise to the architect/designer. The staff was very attentive and sweet. Now the bad news. It is over prized for the quality of the food! VERY disappointing! I had their Kobe burger and the ridiculous pomegranent mohito... they frozen (thin) burger was very sad and had little flavour to it. The drink was too sweet. It was like drinking fruit juice with old mint in it. The moral of the story... trust the previous reviews and never eat their to begin with!

maxmad said...
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