July 25, 2008

Atwater Chatter: Summer Recreation Edition

THE INTERNETS ARE full of recreational news from in and around our little canoe-shaped LA neighborhood of Atwater Village:
  • How Much to Play the Los Feliz Par-3 Golf Course: Non-resident weekday play is now $8.50, up from $4.25, and replays are now $6.00 instead of $2.50. [Tropico Station]
  • How Far Can Someone Boat Down the LA River: Los Angeles River Expedition, Day 2, July 26, 5:30 pm. Atwater Village, Yoga Park, Los Feliz Blvd. at LA River, 100 feet downriver on east side of river at Dover St. A speaker will address the crew and anyone else who wants to show up as supporters. [CJ's Blog]
  • How Much to Rent the Back Room at The Griffin: To rent the back bar/room (really nice, BTW) you'll need to have a $500 minimum bar tab, including 20% (or more) gratuity on a Saturday, and the space is yours from 8 until 11pm. [Caroline on Crack]
  • How to Get a Good Pair of Clogs: I asked Corina Weibel, chef-owner of Canele in Atwater Village - and inveterate clog-wearer - where to go shoe-shopping. She sent me to a little shop in Larchmont, where I found perhaps the coolest clogs ever. [LA Times Daily Dish]


Will Campbell... said...

I love the Los Feliz pitch-n-putt but yikes that's a lotta increased green for that scene. Time to go get some new glow-in-the-dark golfballs and play a free night round after the place closes. Just watch out for the skunks.

Scott said...

Just to clarify, prices have only doubled if you are not a Los Angeles resident. If you live in L.A. proper, the price has only increased $1.25. I live in Glendale, so I'm screwed.