July 22, 2008

Ride While It Lasts: New Bike Lane on Fletcher

Fletcher Drive DIY 'Bike Lane' Map
UNSEEN, UNOFFICIAL POWERS have drawn a bike lane across Fletcher Drive's bridge over the Los Angeles River in South Atwater Village. Metroblogging LA has pictures. Were the city to see it, like it and officially designate it with paint or something, this do-it-yourself lane could make a great connector to the LA River bike path. Then again, who needs the city? Some DIY projects stay up for years.

1 comment:

Miles said...

haha. i saw it last night and was well amused. great idea, but at least the city can still (barely) paint a straight line.

now, if the crazy cooks who did this want to continue doing civic good, we could use some street cleaning on Perlita (the street cleaners stop cleaning curbside a couple blocks up and just shoot down the middle of the street -- city says it cannot afford the signs or the time to allow them to do it curbside) or even, you know, fix our old concrete street and sidewalk.

really. we're waiting.