July 29, 2008

My First Earthquake: A Retrospective

I LOST MY earthquake virginity this morning, in the 5.8 magnitude quake that hit the greater Los Angeles area.

(Make that 5.4, or whatever they've downgraded it to.)

I was at work, in a nondescript 2-story box in northwest Glendale, about 4 miles from Atwater Village. The lights rattled, the floor shook, and a lot of us dashed under desks. (The rest wondered if they should crawl around with us, leave the building, or what.)

No injuries to report amongst our 100+ co-workers. No damage to our pens and pencils and Internet connections. Cell phone service was slow, probably from overloaded networks as everyone called to make sure everyone was OK.

And everyone is OK, it seems. Although nearly an hour later, I still feel like the earth is shaking around me.

See what happened at the USGS Los Angeles earthquake map and ongoing coverage at Curbed LA.

And even though this was my first since moving to LA about 2.5 years ago, Mrs. Newbie lost her EQV back in August 2007.


aberrant said...

It's so cute when people experience their first quake.

Jim said...

Today reminded me of when the 201 bus used to cruise down Atwater Avenue. There was always a little shake to the house.