July 23, 2008

Even Exchange? Atwater Village for Brooklyn

MICRO-MAGAZINE MAGNATE Jay Babcock, of off-and-on Arthur magazine, has given up the shores of the LA River for the most populous borough of NYC. "Kaput" is his fascinating Nature Trumps blog as well as his magazine's Atwater Village HQ. From Brooklyn he reports to LA Observed:
"I lived in Atwater Village, beneath the police and tv helicopters, and amidst the almost-nightly gunfire and break-ins... I don't want to live anymore in the psychic death hole that is Carusoland. And I don't want to be there when the next earthquake hits, or when Griffith Park and the Hollywood Hills finally burn."
Arthur, a publication where words like hirsute will always feel safe from those psychic death holes and burning hills, continues to publish from a part of NYC that is mysteriously whited out on Google Maps Street View.

Meantime, Babcock rips another new one in LA's ass via the LA Times: "For a long time now I’ve been going back and forth between LA and New York, and every time I got off the plane in LA I felt dumber."

Werner Herzog be damned.


Miles said...

good riddance. if you can't make it here, sir, too effin bad. don't let the door slam you on your ass on the way out. sure, we have problems (and a lot of 'em), but l.a.'s our lady.

sage said...

Jays always been kind of a grumpy Dou..e
Yes good riddance!!

Nichole Moraila of Mucha Muchacha and The L.A. Craft Mafia said...

good riddance!

aberrant said...


Emily said...

Jay Babcock was what I affectionately call a long-winded ranting butthead.

Jenny said...

So long, hippie.