July 8, 2008

Crime Map Update: Someone Hates Larga Street!

Atwater Village Crime Spree 2008 Map
FROM A CONCERNED reader: "Looks like car windows are being smashed at random in Atwater. My car was hit 2x. If you could, could you alert the community via your blog?"

Done. And the Atwater Village Crime Spree 2008 map is updated with reports from the AVNC Forum. We had at least 5 car break-ins on Larga Street just below Glendale Boulevard, and something that sounded more like gunshots than fireworks at Chevy Chase Park.

Keep calling the LAPD, neighbors. It ain't over yet.


micah said...

i want you to know that this blog is a great resource for me. it keeps me informed about my neighborhood, a neighborhood i've grown to love, and i would like to believe that it helps the people who live here to have a sense of pride about the place they live. that sense of pride is a major key to getting the area even more cleaned up and to keeping it there.

just thought i'd drop a quick thank you.

ddchamberlain said...

Hiya Newbie. We had two windows on our car smashed last weekend. We live just across the river from Atwater, near the Rowena reservoir. I reported it; cop said that they have seen a bump, but they didn't have any plans to visit or follow up.

AVN said...

Yeah, I guess LAPD doesn't go out of its way to fingerprint shattered glass. It's still good to report it, though. Apparently they've caught other punks based on a collection of reports from our neighborhoods.

Juandawg said...

thanks for posting newbie.