October 30, 2007

Name That New Wine Bar

Funny Name for a Wine Bar
AS REPORTED HERE on the Newbie blog, our blogmates over at Franklin Avenue now confirm:
Standing at the Crispy Crust (free samples!), we wound up talking to the man standing in front of the future wine store.

The man - I believe it was owner Andy Hasroun - basically confirmed everything that Atwater Village Newbie mentioned last December. The wine shop will include regular wine tastings (functioning much like Colorado Wine Co. and its small wine bar) in addition to sales; a large wine cellar will be located in the basement.

Hasroun told us he's still trying to come up with a name -- The Cellar or L.A. Cellar are two possibilities.

I'd suggest going the pun route: Atwater Into Wine.
Love it. The nameless-for-now wine bar goes in the Glendale Blvd. retail strip with Starbucks, H&R Block and Crispy Crust. (Home of, by the way, the neighborhood's best pizza, the thin-crust chili con carne.)


katiesmurphy said...

where exactly will it be? I don't see an empty space there between H&R and Crispy Crust.

AVN said...

Might end up between H&R Block and Starbucks. (Sorry I don't have a photo of that space. But it's on the list!)