October 8, 2007

LA Galaxy Wants Second Chance to Steal My Camera

Starting Lineup
FOR THE SECOND TIME since July, I've received voice mail from the LA Galaxy front office. Both were live calls - not pre-recorded telemarketing messages. Both wanted me to know about "exciting" soccer games coming to Home Depot Center, "some" of which "might" include David Beckham.

David who? Isn't he that famous guy who sits in a private box - not on the field with his teammates - during soccer games? Isn't he the token millionaire whose mere image in the lens of an entry-level Nikon gets a visit from a Galaxy goon offering to confiscate my camera? (I call it attempted Grand Theft Photo.)

I doubt the friendly fellow calling now knows what happened last time I dropped $240 into Beckham's coffers. Should I call back and let him know?

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