October 19, 2007

Drive Over to the Casitas Avenue Drive-In

casitas_ave096, originally uploaded by Luis Lopez.

Things are looking up for Casitas Avenue. Though the south Atwater Village street may not be getting any Star Trek lofts, it is getting in on another trend: cinematic alternative realty games.
"This fall the HEAD TRAUMA cinematic gaming continues. Players will interact with the film's characters; offline, online, and via mobile devices in what is a cross between flash mobs, urban gaming, and ARGs. The game starts in late September ... Then on Oct. 20th, live cinema games will play out in 10 cities across the country. Within the series are clues aka rabbit holes that lead to hidden sites, blogs, social networking pages and media."
Sounds like it might be worth surrendering to the confusion. The "live cinema game" is Saturday, Oct. 20, 11:00pm, in the parking lot of 3191 Casitas Ave. Admission is free.

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Miles said...

Better yet, Atwater Villagers, walk over! And don't forget to turn out your lights from 8p-9p, for Lights Out L.A. More info at lightsoutla.org.