October 5, 2007

You Don't Even Have to Live Here

Vote! Vote! Vote!
INTERESTING ELECTORAL TRIVIA: Los Angeles neighborhood council elections are open to all "stakeholders." Who exactly are these stakeholders? The list:
  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Property owners
  • Business owners
  • Employees of neighborhood businesses
  • Members of cultural institutions (theater group, art gallery, etc.)
  • Members of religious institutions (churches)
  • Members of service or community non-profit organizations (animal rescue organization, historical society, etc.)
  • Students of neighborhood schools (16 years and older)
  • Members of park and recreation centers (soccer teams, etc.)
So basically if you spend more than a few hours in Atwater Village, you might be able to vote in tomorrow's AVNC election. The entire council could be controlled, for all we know, by Costco employees.

The election is Saturday, Oct. 6, 9:00am to 4:00pm, Holy Trinity Church, 3716 Boyce Avenue. Candidate statements here.

1 comment:

Jory said...

Of those who do or don't live here, 400 people showed up to vote, and 398 voted. Not sure why but two people changed their minds and didn't vote even though they qualified.

This from the unoffical results that were just posted on the AVNC website: atwatervillage.org