October 31, 2007

Wine Bar Opens Nov. 12, Says Craigslist, and Already for Sale

SURELY THERE IS a strategy behind trying to sell a wine store that has yet to open. Right? From Craigslist:

Date: 2007-10-30, 1:34PM

Wine Tasting & Wine Store For Sale - $350,000


Located in Atwater Village near the communities of Echo Park, Los Feliz and Silver Lake, as well as, the City of Glendale. Great access to the 5, 110 and 134 Freeways with on and off ramps to the 5 freeway less than a .25 mile away.

Excellent retail space situated between a Starbucks and H&R Block! The property is located on a major boulevard with over 39,000 cars passing by each day. A total of 3,171 sf of space is currently being built out and will be delivered and ready for occupancy November 12, 2007.

850 sf of ground floor retail space is being built out as a wine store. 2,321 sf of basement space is being built out as a wine tasting bar & lounge, wine cellar and cigar humidifier room.
I'm torn. Why buy a bottle of wine when I can buy the entire store? Oh that's right. Because it's $350,000. And real estate is not included.


katiesmurphy said...

what the ?

all wierdness aside, it's hard to imagine anyone would pay that. harder still to imagine a serious buyer would find out about it on Craigslist.

Mike said...

That is really bizarre!

In the meantime, you and Mrs. Newbie joining us on the Pico Walk?

MJS said...

It is a little bit strange: if there is no established business, what does the buyer get for the money? A beer & wine license? Jittery Starbucks overflow? Is it a sure thing, i.e. Death, tax returns, mocha lattes, vin du jour?

Inquiring minds want to...eh, whatever.


waywest said...

I wonder if it's _legal_ to sell a booze place after getting City approval? Wonder if Councilor Garcetti would be interested--especially given Mr. Hasroun's scrape with the city over running an illegal recycling center back in the Ranch Market era?

waywest said...
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Miles said...

I wonder if anonymous "waywest" is one of the NIMBYs who's been fighting this great addition to Atwater lo these many years now.

waywest said...


I think it'd be great if we get a nice wine tasting bar! Merely making point that we have to keep an eye on the former Ranch Market fellow, given his past.

AVN said...

Mike - We broke in the shoes on Wilshire, should be ready to go for Pico. Looking forward!

Miles said...

Waywest, the guy is also the same fella who transformed the old market into a Starbucks, Krispy Krust, etc. I've been introduced to him at some community things and he seems like a good all around egg. That he seems to be selling the place is a bit strange, but let's give him a little cheer for having a more recent positive effect on the Village (the recycling thing was years ago).

sage said...

I think hes factoring in the cost of and how hard it is to get a liquor license (even though just beer and wine)and he must be doing some kind of major rennovations that anyone who rented the space, "as is" before renovated, would have had to pay to make-- for his sake the rennovation better be damn good and exactly what the renter wants. Not only can you sell a place after getting city approval-- if you win a liquor license in the yearly lottery, you can turn around and sell it for ALOT!!!

CitizenRobots said...

So...you can get your taxes done, get crunk, and then get a coffee to sober up, all in one parking spot!