April 6, 2006

A Two-Story Target!

I wouldn't trade the varieties and vastness of my shopping opportunities in Los Angeles for those in any place I've lived before.


When you used to live a stone's throw from the world's largest Target store - nay, the world's largest SuperTarget store - you will always yearn for its one-stop shopping magic.

SuperTarget is Target plus grocery store. SuperTarget is like IKEA built by Americans. (I don't know what Target Greatland is supposed to be, but I can tell you it's no SuperTarget.)

So this factoid hit me like a bullseye: There are no SuperTarget stores within 200 miles of Atwater Village, Los Angeles, California.

Target, yes, about seven in LA. SuperTarget, no. In fact I don't know where the nearest SuperTarget is. Vegas?

So what a nice surprise yesterday to discover that the nearest Target, in the Eagle Rock neighborhood just four miles east of home, though not a SuperTarget, is a rare two-story Target.

It's one of about 30 multi-level Target stores peppered in US urban areas. It even has the Vermaport escalator for your cart.

Target in Hollywood is also multi-level, apparently, though no doubt much busier. We may head that way next time.

[Photo from Vidalia's Flickr page]


badMike said...

When you say the Target "in Hollywood," I assume you mean the one at the West Hollywood Gateway, which is NOT a 2-story Target. The shopping center is two stories, but the Target exists just on the second floor. It's a really good one, though.

I think some other 2-story Targets are the one in Pasadena (which is kind of old) and the one in Sherman Oaks.

I also don't know what Target Greatland means, either, but the one out in Burbank is pretty big. But the best one is probably the West Hollywood location

blogger said...

Ah yes, I must have meant the one in West Hollywood. I will have to swing by, despite the one-story layout.

(Burbank has a Target Greatland, which I found out means it's on one level with two entrances, but it's no SuperTarget.)

Anonymous said...

The Eagle Rock kinda-sorta-Super Target ain't half bad. People are total sheep and always want to park on the top level and check out on the top level...the bottom level will have empty registers sometimes while there are lines upstairs!


blogger said...

I too am a sheep. But from Colorado Ave., it's hard to tell where that lower-level parking is!

cybele said...

The Pasadena Target is also two levels (one of the first Target stores in the area) - but they only have elevators, no sassy cart escalators.