April 26, 2006

Ponytail Checked Out

The hipsters were there.

Or maybe they were scenesters.

Fauhemians, perhaps? Or is that just how they dress? Hmm.

I'm not sure who they all were, but they had turned 21 two weeks ago and were lured to Safari Sam's on Sunset last night for broken promises of "free booze all night!" (vodka-soda isn't "booze" apparently), a half-open club peppered with haphazard signage ("This way! Not that way!") and DJ mixes of Great Prom Themes from the 80s.

OK, so it wasn't for me. I need to find a classic bar. Not a club. Not a lounge. Not a tavern or a pub or a theme park or a scene.

How about a clean, polite, interesting bar with martinis that aren't named by Brach's and servers that spend more than a second per dollar with their customers.

Is that too much to ask?


Anonymous said...

Just go to the Roost, eh? Lots of old folks during the kinda off hours...it does get hipstery at night but not so hipstery as to make your eyeballs hurt or anything.


Prehensile Thumb said...

the roost of club tee gee!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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